Culture. Bo Bartlett. Ineffable.

Were this a film featuring the artwork of Bo Bartlett or the poetry of T.S. Elliot or the music of Aeroplanes or Lee Rosevere or Betsy Eby & Jason Leonard, it would be enough. But the ways by which Jesse Brass brings each of these elements into harmony are as inspiring as the life Bartlett injects into  canvas.

“What we see every day is the sunlight that hits our earth and sustains us. And this sunlight is the thing that allows us to exist. So when you paint sunlight hitting something, you’re not just painting the colors of the sun,” Bartlett explains of that life. “And you’re not mixing paint to try to match that color, you are actually trying to paint life itself on something.”

“You want the work to be about what it feels like to be alive… It’s about trying to capture the ineffable quality of life.”

Bo and Brass both craft work that makes this quality seem far easier to capture than it truly is.


3 thoughts on “Culture. Bo Bartlett. Ineffable.

  1. I saw your video originally on Juxtapoz I think and now find you again through reddit. I understand your technique and tradition but what I question is your view point.

    Can you tell me about the people you chose to paint?


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