It Is OK to Shower after Tattooing? Important Things to Understand

Important Things to Understand Before Determining

Other than the worries that come before getting the tattoo itself, most of the concerns come after. One would spend too much time wondering whether to shower or not. For those with information along those lines, they probably wonder what is the best antibacterial soap for tattoos. Find out in the comprehensive list of seven tips for fulfilling tattoo aftercare.

Initial 48 Hours After Tattooing play a Major Role

The most basic mark of caution is the bandage your artist places on that tattooed area. That works greatly towards keeping germs off plus avoiding contact with clothing and beddings. Bandage removal can be done overnight but extreme caution need be exercised in the following hours.

Showering is OK, but use the Right Soap

After bandage removal, taking a shower is quite in order. However, the tattooed area should be washed with a soap free of fragrance and antiseptic in nature. Scrub the area gently in circular motion and let any moisture dry off.

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Abstain from Using Towels

A freshly done tattoo can get easily irritated. Thus, only plain hands are to be used in cleaning, and as explained above. Towels do harbor plenty of germs, hence they would not be a good accessory in cleaning an easily infectible area. Also, do not overdo the washing, as some bacteria present in the skin aids in the healing process.

Let skin Flakes Be!

In about 2 days, the skin will start peeling off. Most people experience an urge to aid in the flaking process. Regardless of how strong the urge is, do not tamper with the healing process in any way. Tampering could lead to uneven healing and scarring as a result.

Use Recommended oils and Lotion

Due to sensitivity, moisturizers should be chosen cautiously. Your artist will probably recommend some, and plenty of information is available with regards to the same. Essentially, the lotion should be free of any fragrance. A good lotion will keep moisture levels at optimum. Some could even scale down the itchy feel. However, should the exact opposite happen, rinse off and cease use.

Sunbathing, Swimming, and Rigorous Activities have to Wait

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Swimming could lead to skin waterlogging, and that is no good. That also applies to rigorous activities that would lead to excessive sweating. On the other hand, sunbathing exposes the tattooed area to harmful UV rays. Well, there are some recommended sunscreen products but better safe than sorry. As such, it would be wise to avoid all of the listed activities. However, it is only for about a week or a fortnight. After that, feel free to get back to your workout and relaxation schedules.

Patience Pays

During the skin healing process, it is quite common for people to get impatient. Thus, should you find yourself feeling so, you are not a segregated case. Nonetheless, get as much as energy as needed to stand your ground. Any activities motivated by impatience would mean adverse effects on the healing process.


Now that you have a few tips on tattoo aftercare, why not add to the basket of knowledge. Starting right at the tattoo parlor, your artist definitely has a ton of experience. The internet has also made things easy with plenty of information a click away. The more you know, the better equipped you are with regards to seeing your tattoo through to complete healing.