Our Story

Slowly Woven celebrates the timeless in transient times. We live assaulted, stressed and strained. We live faster than what we live for: our families, friendships, freedoms and fun. Yet we’re surprised when so many reach the end of life with agonizing regret–as if we fail to understand that how we live our minutes is how we ultimately live our lives. This is a tragedy. We believe that the good life is slowly woven….

We believe in long reads, sweeping analysis and deep debate.
We believe in long journeys to sweeping vistas for deep revelation.
We believe in long songs, sweeping sounds and deep grooves.
We believe in long gazes, sweeping compassion and deep hugs.

We are a publisher of prose, producer of film and music, patron of the arts and trustworthy creative partner.

Our first endeavor, the documentary “The Battle Royale: In All Colors by Electricity,” tells the tale of the craft-defining Battle Royale tattoo. We experience its time-lapsed creation by CJ Fishburn of Salt Lake City’s Cathedral Tattoo. CJ employs a rubbing of the original plastic acetate that masters Huck Spaulding and Paul Rogers created to tattoo The Battle Royale on the back of DC Paul.