Culture. Bo Bartlett. Ineffable.

Were this a film featuring the artwork of Bo Bartlett or the poetry of T.S. Elliot or the music of Aeroplanes or Lee Rosevere or Betsy Eby & Jason Leonard, it would be enough. But the ways by which Jesse Brass brings each of these elements into harmony are as inspiring as the life Bartlett injects into  canvas.
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Interview. Artist. Lauren Dugdale-Liebermann.

Lauren Dugdale-Liebermann is a Brooklyn artist who makes the sort of paintings that you have a hard time explaining why you love.

People call them abstract, when there’s want for better words. Better words would be cathartic or cleansing. They spill a romance of impressionist color over abstract-expressionist attitudes. They bring back that feeling of discovering the 8-bit patterns hiding in your eyelids. Sometimes they leave the same dull ache. Sometimes they leave you tripping. Either way, they’re pure and exciting and honest.

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